“I wanted the kids to do the right thing,” Michael Müllmann recalls today, “and not make the wrong decisions for themselves and their free time.” When the founder and CEO of Sport Import started with the BMX store California Sports in Berlin, commitment to young people was always an important part of his own work.

So the news hit that among other things, bikes were stolen from the Berlin initiative Berliner Gesellschaft für Gesundheit durch Sport (BEGSpo) with its project “Zweirad” in May out of their van. “It was actually obvious right away that we would help,” Müllmann adds.

Günter Müller, managing director of BEGSpo, says: “We were of course shocked at first. Especially our employee, who had parked the Sprinter safely locked and full of equipment for the next day.” But the time after the theft also generated a wave of solidarity: numerous donations of money and goods were made.

Meanwhile, Müller sees the project back on track. About the BMX donation, Müller adds, “Five bikes in different sizes is of course great news. We can put the bikes to very good use for our “Zweirad action” project – and thus also tie in a little with the BMX support in Berlin 40 years ago.”