Eat well, go far – Chimpanzee as new nutrition supplier in the Sport Import range

In 2008, Josef, Milan and Ondřej needed an energy bar that was made from natural ingredients, gave enough power and simply tasted good. From then on, the founders of Chimpanzee Nutrition have been consistently implementing their sympathetically idealistic concept. Since 2021, Sport Import GmbH (Germany) has been distributing Chimpanzee products in Benelux and Austria.

After one of their tours, the three Czech cycling fanatics Josef, Milan and Ondřej decided that they would take high-quality nutrition for their passion into their own hands from then on. Simply because the products on the market were not good enough for them. However, the search for the right recipe was not just about good taste. The ambition to use only natural and high-quality ingredients has been consistently pursued from the very beginning. The chimpanzee symbolizes a strong and nature-loving athlete in this context. In addition to energy and protein bars, the product range now also includes chews, gels, isotonic drinks and shakes. In this way, all phases of training – from preparation to regeneration and muscle building – are covered.

Chimpanzee avoids artificial colors and other additives as well as industrial sugar. As an alternative, the Czechs use rice syrup. This results in a favorable glycemic index for the products and an even energy supply for the athlete, which shows that good taste and performance are uncompromisingly brought into harmony here. Almost all products from Chimpanzee are vegan. Chimpanzee’s slogan “Eat well, go far” sums up the founding idea.

As holistic as the concept is conceived, as comprehensible is also the ambition to protect the environment: All products are produced in the EU. This eliminates long transport routes and keeps the ecological footprint small. The three bikers show that they are serious with their commitment to “1% for the planet”: one percent of Chimpanzee turnover is donated to NGOs dedicated to environmental protection.

Chimpanzee products are now distributed by the German bicycle distributor Sport Import in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Austria. They can be purchased through Sport Import’s stationary dealers located there as well as online retailers.