Sport Import catalog 2022/23 is out

After a one-year break, Sport Import publishes its new catalog. It is published for the first time in both German and English. The scope: more than 850 pages of brands and products. Both the timing and the new interval are unusual. Steffen Klein, Marketing Manager at Sport Import, explains: “Many things in our industry are changing. The product range of many manufacturers has remained more or less unchanged over the past two years. We therefore waited until the ‘new’ Eurobike to present our exciting portfolio to European dealers in one catalog.”

A lot has also happened at Sport Import over the past two years. First, several new brands are new to the Edewecht-based company’s distribution. They now appear for the first time in the ‘big red’, as the catalog is called internally. Secondly, the catalog features the new corporate design with a fresher, sporty red color and the new logo.

The content of the catalog is intended to create excitement about the brands and at the same time to support retailers in quickly finding what they are looking for. Sport Import achieves the balancing act of emotion and information with intro pages for each brand in a magazine look. The products are then arranged according to product groups of the respective brand.

Retailers can contact Sport Import’s sales department if they are interested:

+49 4405 9280-60